Israeli soldiers sing to God as they head to the Gaza border

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli soldiers still praise God and sing to him even as they put their lives at risk to defend the Jewish people. Who else is like the nation of Israel?

Israeli Soldiers Defend Israel

Israel has been bombarded with rockets recently. It is not the first time. But it has been nonstop – over 300 rockets in a short amount of time. Would you want to live that way?

Despite the media still ignoring what Israeli men, women, and children are dealing with, Israeli soldiers have not lost their morale.

The Unique Quality of Israeli Soldiers

Members of the Israel Defense Forces are unique. Even though they are part of an army defending a state that is constantly threatened to even have the right to exist, they defend with confidence. They defend with hope, prayer, and faith. As Israeli soldiers head to defend the Jewish state and the Jewish people, they sing out to God. They are singing the song “Al Hanisim.” That is a special song that the Jewish people sing on Hanukkah (as well as Purim).

Al Hanisim – A Hanukkah Miracle

The song “Al Hanisim” is a song about the miracles that God performed for the Jewish people in the time period now known as the holiday of Hanukkah. The Jewish people were few, and they were fighting against a strong enemy. Yet God saved them. God delivered the enemy right into their hands.

The Israeli soldiers heading to the Gaza border in this video are calling out to God with that in mind. No matter how big or strong the enemy might be, the Jewish people have God defending them. And when you know God is defending you, that faith keeps you strong.

Lyrics and translation:
(Courtesy of

Al hanissim v’al hapurkan
V’al hagvurot V’al hot’shuot
V’al hanifla’ot she’asita la’avoteinu
Bayamim hahem bizman hazeh

[We thank You G‑d] For the miracles, the redemption,
the mighty acts, the saving acts and for the wonders
that You have done for our fathers, in those days at this time.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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