Hamas and Islamic Jihad celebrate as this woman wins spot in Congress

by Leah Rosenberg

“Palestine” – a fake country that never existed, and the “Palestinians” – a fake people that never existed – now have a representative in Congress.  She claims that her strength is all about the fact that she is a “Palestinian American.”  Rashida now represents all that is wrong about Muslims who live in America.  Rather than help Arabs assimilate into American culture and pursue the American dream, Rashida will be a voice for Muslims to not assimilate.

Anti-Rich Candidate

Rashida Tlaib is one of the Anti-Trump screamers.  When candidate Donald Trump came to speak in Michigan, Rashida stood up and screamed out at him.  She is proud of this.  She sees herself as the voice against the evil billionaires.  But most of all, she is a typical “sick and tired” progressive voice against money going to the rich.

There are some grains of truth to the fact that tax breaks for wealthy corporations do not seem very fair.  However, in truth, the best way for the lower middle class to get to the state of house ownership is via a stimulus in job creation.  Most of the jobs that are created are via the upper middle class and the wealthy.  So, if they have incentives to stay in the State via corporate tax cuts, then jobs stay in the State.  So, if someone truly cares about the weaker elements of society, they ought to stop blaming the wealthy.

Muslims in Congress

She is the first Muslim woman in Congress.  This is just the beginning.  She will be joined in coming years by tens of candidates.  It’s basic demography.  While she was running, she hid her true colors very well.  She spoke about typical democratic issues.  She called herself an Arab American.  But once she won, she proudly called herself a “Palestinian American.”  Expect her to yell and scream at Prime Minister Netanyahu.  She can’t even support Nancy Pelosi as the leader of the House.  Get used to progressive voices who support free immigration of Muslims into America.

Will America start to look more like Europe?  I hope not.


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