What the Israeli flag really represents

by Leah Rosenberg

Every Jew in the world and especially in Israel gets emotionally moved when they see the Israeli flag.  What is it’s message?

Way Before 1948

The Israeli flag does not go back a few decades. It predates the State of Israel by many decades.  The flag was used at the many gatherings of the Zionist Congress back in Basle in the 19th century and in other European cities.  It represented the hope that one day the Jewish people would be free to live in their own land as a free nation. That freedom that so many Jews longed for was built on oppression.  The oppresion that so many Jews experienced for centuries in the exile.

It was also the flag that Jewish people flew in the Warsaw ghetto before the Nazi machine destroyed the ghetto in the waning months of the Holocaust.

The Israeli Flag Today

Today, it represents Jewish pride in a way that the Jewish people have not known for thousands of years.  It represents everything that the Jewish State is and should become.  The Jewish state is not just a haven for Jews from pogroms.  It is a place for the ultimate destiny of the Jewish people can be fulfilled.  It is a place where the Jewish people can and will become the light unto the nations as God planned for them.

The only way for the Jewish people to become a full-fledged light unto the nations is when the Jewish people follow God’s commands in the Land of Israel as a model nation.  This is far from the case today on many levels.  However, there is no time in history when the Jewish people have been closer to reaching their ultimate destiny.

Fly the flag.  Be proud.

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