Candace Owens exposes the biggest problems with Black America

by Leah Rosenberg

There is a reason Candace Owens has become so popular. She has a message for “Woke” Americans – and for her own community.

Candace Owens Always Has it Right

Victimizing yourself never leads to success. And Candace Owens explains how that is the main problem facing the Black community. There is so much success that can be achieved through the proper mindset. Yes, physical health is important. But without mental health, physical health will not lead to success. Owens is proof of the way a healthy attitude can lead to a quality life.

Owens talks about how she used to get bullied for speaking properly and trying to make something of herself. Who did she get bullied by? Black people, not White people. She uses that example to point to a reality that needs to be addressed.

There are many like Candace Owens who want to help their community be better. There are many Black Conservatives who do not blame racism or anything else for unfortunate situations. They take responsibility. Owens is not interested in playing the blame game.

Joe Biden’s Recent Ad

Joe Biden’s campaign team recently put out an ad that was completely unhealthy for the minds and the lives of Black Americans and truly all Americans. He tried to make Black people think that they are less than whites; that they have a reason to fear for their lives everyday in the free country of America. He made them fear White people. Biden made them think that 42 million people in America are at risk of being killed everyday.

But it is all a hoax. Candace Owens has shown that time and time again. Does racism exist in America? Sadly, yes. There are racist people throughout the world. Is America a racist country? Absolutely not. That is irrational and not based on any facts. But today, many people do not even care about the facts anymore.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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