Biden’s visit to Kenosha exposed his entire campaign scam

by Phil Schneider

Is Joe Biden mentally fit to serve as President of the United States? Well, unfortunately, anybody that has ever taken care of an elderly relative knows that he is clearly not functioning anywhere near where he used to be – just 4 years ago.

“Why don’t we teach history in the history classes?” Is this really what we need in terms of leadership today? A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Kamala Harris. The odds are around 90% that within months, not years, Joe biden will step aside and Kamala Harris will take over. So, in truth, the debates should be between Kamala and Donald Trump. They are the two real contestants in this election.

Joe Biden is not the problem. He is not all there, and will be pushed aside by the same people who are defending him as being physically fit today. Laura Ingraham has properly argued that the two running mates of Joe Biden are Kamala Harris and the coronavirus. But, despite the progress against the virus, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are both touting the situation as being horrible. The truth is that the virus has been horrible, but things will probably be much much better in the coming months as treatments and vaccines start to roll out.

We need real leadership. Even if one does not like President Trump – for good reason – the alternative Kamala, Joe ticket is far worse.

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