Sky News speaks about the Jews in a way the media never does

by Leah Rosenberg

The media tends to portray Israel in a negative light, sadly. But Sky News publicly said something about Israel that shows they get it.

Someone in the Media has it Right

Most of the media has it all wrong about Israel. They condemn Israel for breathing. They spread lies about the Jewish state. They are antisemitic and claim they are not. The media sides with evil instead of with democracy. The truth is so obvious, yet they turn a blind eye.

But Sky News here said it plain and simple. Israel is a light in the Middle East. The region is filled with strife, and Israel is the one democracy. It is mind-boggling why other news networks cannot admit that.

Israel is what is right about the Middle East. It has only done good for that region and for the world at large.

Are People Waking up to the Truth?

It seems that much of the Arab world is waking up to the good Israel has to offer. They want to normalize relations in Israel. They want to benefit from what Israel has to give to the world.

Enough of the war. Enough of the lies. The Arabs are looking toward a future of peace and prosperity.

Even if it is slowly, more and more people recognizing that Israel is a “rare Jewel” can make a huge difference.

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