Peace with the UAE may have just led the Middle East to a revolution

by Leah Rosenberg

Many people, especially young people, make the mistake of thinking that whatever the world is today is what the world will look like tomorrow. But there is nearly no precedent in recent history that the world simply continues to not undergo major changes. The best example of this is the fall of the Iron Curtain and the downfall of the Soviet Union.

Nobody in the 60’s or 70’s could have imagined what happened in the end of 1989. In less than a few years, countries like Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, and the Ukraine were all declaring independence and a cut-off from the Soviet Union. Just as important, within the Soviet Union, the threat to the entire world of Soviet Communism was diminished enormously. But what happened is that the Cold War became a non-issue in a matter of months and the main threats to the world just dissipated into thin air.

But what was actually going on in a more subtle way was the gradual increase of the radicalization of the Islamic movement. Within a decade or two, this would become the main threat to the free world. Today, it may seem like that threat will be here for many decades. But, that may not be the case. The world can change, and people can be reached and impacted by social media and other methods in ways that could not be done in the past. The UAE-Israel peace agreement may very well usher in the beginning of a peaceful Middle East between Israel and some of it’s Arab neighbors.

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