Muslims in Ilhan Omar’s district claim Jews started Coronavirus

by Leah Rosenberg

It may not be surprising that this is what you hear in Ilhan Omar’s district, but it is still sickening. These are age-old antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Ilhan Omar’s District

Ilhan Omar is known for her antisemitism. Listening to her constituents says a lot about her as well. After all, this district voted her in.

Omar has given herself a terrible name to those who actually care about America, Democracy, Jews, Israel, and the future of the world. She has laughed in the face of terrorism, basically mocked 9/11, made antisemitic comments, tormented Jews and Israel, and the list goes on. Omar is also trying to destroy America and the freedoms it offers.

She is not good news for Israel, the Jews, America, Americans or any other person who has morals and values freedom. This is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact.

Age-Old Conspiracy Theories

Listening to these Muslims in this video claim that Jews started the Coronavirus is absurd, irrational, antisemitic, and completely wrong. This is not the first time a conspiracy theory like this has been spread. Jews have been blamed for everything under the sun for hundreds and hundreds of years. From the Black Death, to even 9/11, the Jews are targeted. They are scapegoats.

It is shocking and terrible but also completely foolish. These beliefs are not based on facts. They are just based on antisemitism.

The specific situation might change, but the conspiracy theories are the same.

And Ilhan Omar is definitely not helping stop it.

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