Orthodox marathon runner fights for a chance to compete in the 2020 Olympics

by Leah Rosenberg

Meet Orthodox marathon runner Beatie Deutsch. She’s a mother of 5 who is changing the world’s view of religious women athletes.

Orthodox Marathon Runner

What does it take to be a Jewish Orthodox marathon runner? It is inspiring what Beatie Deutsch is capable of. She is just 31 years old, and she has accomplished such great things with marathon running. She is even trying to be part of the Olympics while holding to her religious beliefs. There are not many people like Deutsch who are so talented and also so dedicated to their religion. A mom, a dedicated Jew, a marathon runner – how many people are able to balance all of that?

When Religion Comes First

There is something to learn from everyone. And there is definitely a lot to learn from Beatie Deutsch. Religion can come first without giving up something you love. You can do something you love without sacrificing religion.

Orthodox Jews are committed to their religion. But often, they think that means giving up other things. Beatie Deutsch is showing the world that you don’t have to compromise in either direction.

Deutsch is a walking (or rather running) Kiddish Hashem. Literally it means she is sanctifying G-d’s name. She has chosen to publicly show she is dedicated to G-d. Non-Jews and Jews alike can look to her for inspiration.

Her dedication to her beliefs and values as well as her talents and hobbies is something everyone can relate to.

Whether it is because she will compete or because she is trying to make sure that the Olympic races do not take place on Shabbat, Deutsch’s name will be well known after the 2020 Olympics.

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