Joe Biden’s ad betrays the entire Black community

by Leah Rosenberg

The Black community should denounce Joe Biden. Conservative or Democrat, everyone should join together to condemn what Biden has done.

Biden Shames the Black Community

This ad is horrendous, and Ben Shapiro’s response is flawless. How can Joe Biden mislead the Black community in such a way? How can he damage all Americans like this? It is frightening that a man like this is in the running to be the president of the United States.

Joe Biden is creating a false narrative that is ruining the country. He would most definitely not be good for the Black community or for any community. Biden is adding fuel to the fire of one big lie. He is most definitely not helping Black Americans.

The Power of Words

There is a lot of power in the words people use. Words have the power to build a person or break a person; to plant an idea or destroy it. Negative ideas can make people feel negative, and positive ideas can make people feel positive. It is that simple. Psychology plays a major role in the way a person chooses to live his life.

What Joe Biden and those like him are doing is planting a false narrative in the minds of not only Black Americans but all Americans. The ad is truly horrific. It is ruining the psyche of those who deserve way more. It is bringing down an entire people for his own political benefit.

What people can believe is shocking. But the thing is, repeating something over and over again gives truth to the lies in the eyes of those listening.

America is currently being brought down by one big lie. It is sad to watch. And it is sad that people claiming to be a leader of Americans are bringing their own people down.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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