“Palestinians” use George Floyd’s story to defend a convicted terrorist

by Phil Schneider

The Black Lives Matter movement and the movement to drive the Jewish people out of the Land of Israel have much in common. To many protesters and even rioters in the Black Lives Matter movement, the State of Israel is not a very central issue. At most, many may have opinions about the Jewish people which may be negative. But Israel doesn’t mean a whole lot to them. However, there are leaders in the USA like Ilhan Omar and the rest of the Squad who all see the issues completely intertwined.

The Arabs who protest are indeed protesters and not necessarily rioters. Some riot, but in Israel, the madness surrounding how to deal with protesters that is going on in the USA – simply does not exist. Israel respects protesters, but understands the existential threat that rioters and terrorists pose. Therefore, Israel stands up and stops terrorists.

The example featured above is an excellent one that displays the attempts by the radical progressive left to tie together some of their favorite issues in order to curry favor with their causes. Don’t buy into it. Some issues are genuine. Some are fake. When a terrorist, yes, even a 65 year old terrorist, starts grabbing soldiers guns, he should feel much more than the knee of an Israeli soldier before being locked up. Threats come in all sizes and ages in the Middle East. We must stay vigilant.

Ramallah Lynch 20 Years Later
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