The way to prepare for the High Holidays is with a little bit of joy

by Leah Rosenberg

The High Holidays are a time to reconnect with G-d and remind ourselves that he is the King of the world. And Hasidim do it with joy!

The High Holidays Hasidic Style

The Hasidim in this video, Sruly Green & Melech Frank, are singing a cover of the song Uteshuva Utefila Utzedaka by famous Hasidic singer Lipa Schmeltzer. The song is in Yiddish and relates to the idea that during the season of the High Holidays (and really in general), repentance, prayer, and charity remove G-d’s evil decrees.

That concept is a very serious concept, and many sects of Orthodox Judaism relate to the High Holidays in different ways. But Hasidim always bring joy into everything. They believe that you need to feel happiness and joy in order to achieve the spiritual aspects of the High Holidays.

And this song definitely brings that aspect of pure simcha, or happiness, to this special time period in the Jewish calendar.

The Values of a Jew

Despite the negative view that many in the world have of Jews, the Jewish nation is one that spreads morals. G-d requires that Jews give charity, love one another, pray, believe, and respect. These values are commandments. If you take a look at the Bible and what G-d wants from the Jewish people (and all people), it shows you that G-d is good. And He wants us to emulate Him.

G-d gives us a chance to repent and repair. He is forgiving and loving. Although we cannot fully understand how human emotions relate to G-d, we should try to be like Him and show the same compassion toward others.

Dr. Risch

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