China and India on the Brink of War

by Micha Gefen

While President Trump weighs decoupling from China, which would effectively start the ball rolling towards between the US and China, there is already evidence that another regional heavyweight may already be pushing against China in ways not seen in decades. China and India share what is call a Line of Actual Control (LAC) as their border is not agreed on. With Modi increasingly pivoting towards alignment with the US as China’s belligerence continues to grow, both countries appear to be on a collision course.

The stand-off between Indian soldiers and the Chinese army in the Himalayans has shifted from one of tension to actual physical attacks.

What Does This Mean For The World?

India is no longer a junior player in Asia and has come of age. If China’s march across Asia and into Europe is halted it will be because of India, which is the world’s largest democracy – stopping it.

While India’s army may not be a match for China, they as a culture has the will and in many ways its growing self reliance and arms industry makes it a different sort of enemy for China.

It is clear that the US policy is to encourage Modi’s increased push back on China from the West, while US proxies Taiwan and Japan corner the Chinese regime from the East.

The current battles in the Himalayan Mountains appear to be set to expand as a far larger war is coming.

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