Muslim Riots Rock European Cities

by Avi Abelow

What you are witnessing are scenes from the horrible rioting that took place in the streets of Malmo, Sweden around a week ago, in response to a far-right activist videoing himself burning a Koran.


Burning a Koran is wrong, just like burning a Bible is wrong. But the pavlovian response of some Muslims to riot and destroy a city is a totally wrong response, that shouldn’t be excused. The riots don’t make any impact on the far-right activists, but it does create destruction and chaos for everyone.  

These types of violent riots and acts by Muslims in European cities has skyrocketed over the years. 

The far-right activist burning the Koran is a sign of the anger and tension in Europe that is growing between Muslims and non-Muslims. It is not going away. 

The irony is that many of the Muslims now in Europe, moved to European countries to escape the violence and intolerance of the Muslim countries they left in the Middle East. Yet, instead of finding peace and prosperity in their new Western European countries, the violence and intolerance of the Muslim Middle East followed them to Europe. While many Muslims came to Europe for the freedom, many others brought with them the cultural intolerance to turn their new European host countries to be like the culture in the countries they left, just with better economic opportunities. 

Religious belief is very weak in Western Europe, where freedoms of all kind are celebrated, like the freedom of speech, the freedom to critique, the freedom to drink alcohol, sexual freedom etc. But many Muslim immigrants to Europe not only reject Western European values, which they have every right to do so, but they started to impose their Muslim values upon European society, forcing European cities to be tolerant of Muslim values. The situation has gotten so bad that some European cities even have no-go zones, where anyone who drinks alcohol, dresses immodestly, or does anything against Muslim values can get hurt. Police even refuse to enter such areas because of the violence they will experience. 

European countries like England, France, Germany and Sweden opened up their arms to the Muslim immigrants, but for decades turned a blind eye to the culture of violence and intolerance that some brought with them from their countries of origin in the Middle East. This Muslim culture of intolerance has caused havoc to European cities.

The reality is that instead of immigrating Muslims enjoying the peace and tranquility of what once was modern Western Europe, those European countries that took in large amounts of Muslim immigrants are today different countries, where the sense of security for all their citizens has dropped drastically. They are all suffering, including the Muslims who left the Middle East to escape the intolerance and violence. 

Regarding no-go zones, Western European leaders and journalists often ignore the problem of the growing Muslim population in Western Europe, even denying that no-go zones exist.

In an article back in 2018 title “Angela Merkel admits that ‘no-go zones exist in Germany” that lie is busted, by no other that German leader Angela Merkel!

“Despite evidence of the existence of areas in Western countries, European leaders and left-wing media commentators have long denied, and sometimes even mocked, those who claim that no-go zones exist.

But Merkel, who won Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” in 2015 in part because of her open-borders stance, mentioned their existence in an interview this week with German broadcaster n-tv as she called for a zero-tolerance policy on crime.

She said that people have a right to feel safe when they meet in public places. When asked to clarify, she specified that she was talking about no-go zones.

“It means for example that there cannot be any no-go areas, that there cannot be areas where no-one dares to go but there are such places,” she said. “One has to call them by name and do something about it.”

The Associated Press reported that it had left fellow lawmakers “speechless.” The remarks quickly spread across Europe, fueling and encouraging nationalist-populist politicians who have pushed back against lax immigration policies.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government, which has been under siege from the European Union for its hardline stance on asylum seekers, hailed Merkel’s comments as a victory.”

Europe has a problem with its growing Muslim population, and ignoring the fact that it is a cultural/religious issue helps nobody. It is not just born and bred Europeans who are suffering from the growing Muslim violence and riots in European cities, also those Muslims who escaped the intolerance and violence of the Middle East to enjoy the freedoms of Europe are suffering. 

Western Europe’s continued tolerance of Muslim intolerance within their cities is a recipe for disaster for those countries.

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