Home Frontlines Calm Descends On Israel’s North As Hamas’ Balloon War Heats Up

Calm Descends On Israel’s North As Hamas’ Balloon War Heats Up


The never ending struggle for the State of Israel ad its Land continues. While Hezbollah is feeling the heat after its role in the Beirut bombing has come to light, Hamas appears bent on stoking the flames of war in Israel’s south – literally.

Day after day, explosive balloons have floated over the border between Hamas occupied Gaza and the State of Israel. This is nothing but a terror war thrusted on Israel’s Jewish population in the South.

In a normal situation, the IDF would have smashed Hamas already as they did under Naftali Bennett when he was Defense Minister. In fact he handled that while he was putting down the first wave of coronavirus.

The problem is that he is no longer in the government and the current Defense Minister, Benny Gantz appears more interested in coalition squabbling with Prime Minister Netanyahu than he does defending Israeli citizens.

Gantz like the rest of the career soldiers who became political leaders appears more interested in grandiose verbiage than putting out the actual real fires hitting Israeli sovereign territory.

Will there be war? Not likely and if new elections actually are scheduled prepare for some chaotic moments in Israel’s southern region.