A look at the most elite IDF units you may never have heard of

by Leah Rosenberg

There are many, many IDF units, some of which you had no idea existed. It is unbelievable to think about how much goes into keeping Israel safe.

IDF Units

It is a miracle that Israel exists. G-d has made the Jewish nation and the Jewish state flourish and prosper. According to the laws of nature, Israel should not exist.

Of course, we cannot only rely on G-d for miracles while we sit back and do nothing. We need to put in our own effort.

And that is where the Israel Defense Forces come in. That is where these top elite units of the IDF come in. They are G-d’s messengers. They protect the people of Israel while sometimes sacrificing their own lives. Those who serve in the IDF are true heroes. Not only are they defending Jews, but they are defending democracy. They are defending the one country in the Middle East that practices democracy.

The Truth

This video shows you how these soldiers are not evil like some of the world wants you to believe. They are human beings who have a great responsibility to protect the Holy Land and the holy people. The IDF would much rather not have to have counter-terrorism units and units that have to find explosives. They would much rather not have to go into enemy territory. But the reality dictates otherwise. The IDF must protect and defend. And they will do whatever they have to do to ensure the survival of the Jewish state and the Jewish people.


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