The IDF is the best in the world – but here is why

by Leah Rosenberg

Listen to this message loud and clear. What makes an Israeli soldier the best of the best? Why is the IDF so good? This colonel has the answer.

What the IDF has that Others Don’t

Soul. Lots and lots of soul. As Colonel Sharon Gat points out, Israeli soldiers have a strength that most other armies and soldiers do not have. It is not a physical strength. It is not that soldiers in the IDF are the fastest or the strongest physically. No, it is much, much more than that.

This commander’s message is so simple, so clear, and so true.

This message is powerful, and it is the secret of the continued survival of the Jewish people.

Jewish pride at its best!

Israel’s Neighborhood

The state of Israel is in a dangerous “neighborhood.” But they don’t run away. They protect the good. If Israel did not exist in the Middle East, can you imagine what that part of the world would look like? Israel is a beacon of light! Israel is a light unto the nations!

The Israeli soul is unlike any other. The Jewish soul stands upright and is proud. And the Jewish state is strong.

Make sure the world knows this commander’s message.

Dr. Risch

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