Chaos and Widespread Looters Destroy Downtown Chicago

by Avi Abelow

This black lives matter movement has introduced a new scary attitude that is spreading – no fear of authority and no shame. Literally, no shame. What you just watched is a person live-streaming a bank robbery in Chicago! A bank robbery! 

Gone are the days of hiding behind masks. That’s so 2010. Now, on the heals of the 2020 black lives matter “defund the police” movement, people are not even afraid of being caught. It can be also be a high dose of idiocy as well, but it’s not just bank robbers. Here is a looter live-streaming looting stores in a Chicago mall.

And this is only some of the massive looting and destruction that took place in Chicago. Here is some more.

All of this is in addition to the continuing anarchist violence and riots in Portland and Seattle.

But the scariest thing is this:

Anarchists marching through the Subaru’s of Portland harassing residents in their homes. Screaming “we’re gonna burn your building down”, “we know where you live”. They have begun to assault & intimidate residents of outside their homes.

This must be stopped. The leftist progressives are literally making life horrible. And they know it. They know anarchy is needed is destroy a society and that is exactly what they are trying to do, destroy America as we know it. Their stupidity is thinking that they will be able to build a better society. They are wrong on all counts, and they are ungrateful evil fools trying to destroy the best, most equal, free and opportunity laden society ever to exist. Why else do millions of people try to immigrate to America, legally and illegally.

We here in Israel have our self-destructive, ungrateful leftists as well, out to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. 

G-d bless America, Israel, President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Ndtanyahu in trying to stop this Marxist-leftist progressivism out to destroy our blessed nations.

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