Tensions rise along the Gaza border after Hamas sends fire balloons

by Leah Rosenberg

It seems to have been somewhat quiet along the Gaza border, but it also seems like something is always looming. You can never trust Hamas.

Hamas and the Gaza Border

The Gaza border often makes top news headlines, but sometimes, things seem more peaceful. The problem is, there is a terrorist organization ruling Gaza. So Israel always needs to be on high alert. Israel always has to be watching the border closely to protect itself and its people. You cannot trust that a terrorist organization like Hamas is just peacefully standing by without plans to harm the Jewish people.

The Jewish People are Strong

If you think about it, the rational thing for Jews living along the Gaza border would be to move. After all, who wants to be in the direct line of a potential fire (literally and figuratively)? Who wants to constantly feel the real threat of rockets, explosives, and incendiary balloons?

But Israelis are strong and resilient. Israel belongs to the Jewish people, and they do not plan to go anywhere. They will fight back. They will respond strongly to terrorism. And they will keep building and building.

Israel’s enemies seem to not know history so well. Don’t they know that for thousands of years, nation after nation has tried to bring the Jewish people down? That enemies have been trying to destroy the Jews since the beginning of time? But to no avail.

The enemy seems to not be backing down. But neither are the Jews.

Motivation for Terror
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