Israel’s final warning to its enemies

by Leah Rosenberg

Listen up. Here is Israel’s final warning. Does anyone really want to test them? Israel is strong and capable. Do NOT mess!

Israel’s Final Warning is Strong

Israel’s final warning to all its enemies should really have them think again before they attack the Jewish state. The IDF is not willing to stand by anymore while Israeli civilians are attacked. Israel does its best to prevent civilian casualties, even from the enemy side. But they have made it clear: If you attack us from civilian areas, we will warn people to leave and then we will strike. The IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi, said it multiple times: “We will strike forcefully.”

Israel has had enough of the terrorism. Not only will they strike those attacking, but they will strike all other groups and countries involved in perpetrating the terrorism.

The World Will Blame Israel

The sad reality is that despite the fact that Israel tries to avoid killing or injuring innocent people, the world will still blame them. The enemy deliberately attacks innocent Israeli people while they hide behind men, women, and children, and the world says nothing. No condemnation. No emergency meeting at the UN. Israel actually WARNS civilians from the other side to evacuate before they strike an area. And somehow, Israel gets blamed. Israel is accused of war crimes.

But at the end of the day, no matter what the world says, Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi made it clear: The IDF’s mission is to protect its people and stop the enemy. And whatever they have to do to accomplish that mission, they will do.

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