Biden Attacks Key Allies From The Middle East To The Indo-Pacific

by Gavriel Dan

There is one thing to attack a political foe during a political campaign, but when the rhetoric carries over to active policy that is a whole new level of hate and ultimately carelessness.

With Biden’s ascension to the White Houe and the return to power of most of Obama’s administrative team, the current leadership in Washington is setting out to destroy many of the leaders that were close to Trump.

Leaders like Bibi Netanyahu, Modi, MBS, and others faithfully partnered with the Trump administration only to find that now they are being attacked behind the scenes by key members of the Biden administration.

Fortunately, the world Trump left us is far different than it was at the end of Obama’s term. Israel, India, Japan, and the Sunni-Arab states are far more interconnected due to their facing of the dual threats of China and Iran.

Biden is attempting to take down each of these leaders, but he will have a hard time as the USA is a waning super-power. In a sense, the American empire is being hollowed out and disintegrating from within. Biden is just representative of this trend.

Biden has essentially pushed the above nation’s further together and by doing so making it harder and harder to have any sort of influence on them.

Arab Incitement
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