Attempted stabbing at Jewish school and supermarket in France

by Leah Rosenberg

A terrorist tried to enter a Jewish school in Marseille, France and then tried to stab customers at a Kosher supermarket.

Attacker Stopped

A terrorist tried to enter the Yavneh Jewish school but was stopped by volunteer security made up of parents, as noted by the Jewish Agency. The same security personnel then stopped the attacker after he tried to stab shoppers at the Kosher supermarket. The suspect is in his 60s.

Antisemitism knows no bounds. The fact that someone can be so evil and try to stab innocent Jewish children in a school and innocent grocery store shoppers is horrifying.

Attack after attack. In France. In the rest of Europe. America. All over – you name it. It seems never-ending. Thank G-d, no one was hurt this time. But the situation could have been devastating if the brave parent security team didn’t stop the attacker and if the French police didn’t respond so quickly.

We are in 2021. The attacks against Jews have not stopped. Antisemitism has existed for thousands of years. We need to pray for the day when G-d brings an end to this hatred.

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