Bernie Sanders is clueless about how US military aid to Israel works

by Micha Gefen

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders believes that the US should use the 3.8 billion dollars of US military aid it gives Israel every year as leverage in bringing peace between the “Palestinians” and Israel. He even believes that some of the money should be given to Hamas.

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Israel receives 3.8 billion dollars a year in military assistance. Most people think that this comes free as aid, but this is far from the truth. The US military aid to Israel is transactional. This means that Israel must use a good mount of that money to buy US weapons and then enhance them. Israel then shares the enhanced weaponry with the US.

This relationship is in stark contrast from the billions upon billions of dollars that have been given to the “Palestinian” leadership and has been pocketed by Abbas and others. This has not seemed to influence Sanders’ belief in that if one just gives money to Hamas it will dutifully obey and stop harming civilians. Hamas has received billions and it still fires rockets at Jewish civilians.

Of course, Sanders either has not clue or attacking Israel fits right into his Democratic Socialist stance. Either way, he is passing on false information and peddling an age old “zionist conspiracy” motif.

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