Israeli ambassador to UK gives critical argument to defend Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Why should you defend Israel? Well, if you care about freedom, it should be obvious. Listen to this worthwhile interview with Ambassador Mark Regev.

Defend Israel, Defend Freedom

For those people in the world who want to defend freedom, it is complete hypocrisy to attack Israel. Yet, so many do it. But listen to Israel’s Ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev, speak. He makes it clear why if you believe in freedom, you should defend Israel without a question.

Sadly, with the rise in antisemitism in the UK and throughout the world, it seems that people claim they care about defending freedom, yet they target Israel. Because they are willing to defend freedom, unless it is for the Jewish state and the Jewish people. It is irrational, or rather, it is plain antisemitism. Israel represents freedom. Israel represents democracy. But antisemites will never admit the truth.

Israel is Fighting Your Fight

Israel is fighting the fight against terrorism for the entire world. They are at the front line. Surrounded by Arab neighbors who want to destroy it, Israel is just trying to protect itself. And Iran? They do not just want to destroy Israel, but they want to destroy America, the UK, and the rest of the Western world. The Iranian regime has said it before and they will say it again.

The way Mark Regev speaks about Israel is encouraging. It is good to have someone like him be a representative for the Jewish state. Israel needs as many strong voices as possible to share the truth in every part of the world!

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