Muslims rally in Times Square calling for an Intifada in America

by Avi Abelow

This rally in Times Square was by no means peaceful. But that’s what happens when you have Muslims calling for the destruction of the Jewish people.

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Muslims Rally in Times Square

This is the middle of New York City! Can you believe it? In Times Square, Muslims are calling for an Intifada in every classroom, on every college campus, and everywhere they go. Many different groups of people rally in Times Square. America is a free country. But to call for the murder of Jews everywhere? That should never be allowed. And that is exactly what they are doing! An intifada is a violent uprising. During the Intifadas in Israel, terrorists blew up busses and restaurants. They shot and killed men, women, and children. They stabbed Israelis everywhere. Thousands of Israelis have been injured and killed. And that is exactly what the Muslims in Times Square are chanting for – another Intifada. Not only to destroy Israel, but they are calling for it in America as well.

The Violence and the Lies

It is not only about the fact that these Muslims are calling for a violent uprising. It is not only about the fact that they don’t believe it is terrorism when “Palestinian” Arabs kill innocent Israelis. That is all horrendous in itself. But everything they are saying is based on a lie! They are chanting that Israel stole land. They are chanting that if Israel gives the land back, there will be peace.

Let’s do some history and fact checking. The land of Israel never belonged to the “Palestinians.” It was given to the Jewish people by God thousands of years ago. So according to the Bible and God, it belongs to the Jews. On top of that, Israel has fought in defensive wars and won the land (although it already really belonged to them). Internationally, it belongs to them. And try taking a look at all of the archaeology uncovered in Israel. Everything points to the Jewish people having lived on the land for thousands of years straight. So why do so many people believe the “Palestinian” lies?

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