5 undeniable truths that prove Jews are indigenous to Israel

by Phil Schneider

Who are the indigenous people of the Land of Israel?

Dr. Nan Greer explains that the Jewish people are the undeniable indigenous people of the Land of Israel.

The people of Israel, the Jewish people are completely dedicated to bring their culture back to the Land of Israel.


The Arab narrative claims that there is a “Palestinian” nation that is indigenous to the Land of Israel.  But this doesn’t pass any test of accuracy.  First of all, there is no “Palestinian” nation.  There is a geographic area that was once called Palestine in the Land of Israel.  The British Mandate in the Land of Israel lasted from 1917 till 1947.  During these 30 years, the area was generally called Palestine.  But there was absolutely nothing at all that indicated that Palestine was an Arab area.  If anything, the Jewish people were the people that referred to the area as Palestine.  Jewish newspapers were called The Palestine Post.  Jewish theaters had the name Palestine in them.  Arabs never referred to themselves as anything but Arabs.

Where did the Arabs in the Land of Israel come from?

There were indeed thousands of Arabs – not tens of thousands of Arabs – who lived in the Land of Israel in the late 1800’s.

It was not easy to live in Israel at the end of the 19th century – not for Jews, nor for Arabs.  But, after enormous efforts of Jewish settlers to dry up swamps and start building up modern cities like Tel-Aviv, the area of the Land of Israel became a magnet for nomadic Arabs from other areas of the Middle East.  Arabs came from Syria and Egypt and other areas outside of what is now the State of Israel.  They came to an area where they could earn more money and live a better life.  They chose well.  To this day, the Arabs who live in the State of Israel live a better life than Arabs in almost any country.

To sum it up, nearly 80 or 90% of the Arabs in the Land of Israel are there for 1-3 generations.  But the Jewish people go back around 100-130 generations to their indigenous land.

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