Born to hate Israel, this Muslim Arab decided to give back to his country

by Leah Rosenberg

Some people were born to hate Israel. But then they find the truth and completely change their views. That is what happened to Yahya Mahamid, a Muslim Arab.

The Muslim Arab on a Different Path

In Israel, a Muslim Arab is not required to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. But some choose to. People like Yahya Mahamid who want to give back to their country sometimes decide to serve in the military. It is unique. It is not expected, and it is most certainly not so common where Yahya comes from.

Mahamid grew up hating Jews and Israel. That is what he was taught. But he found a different direction in life. He learned to love Israel, and he wanted to give back.

Yahya’s Fears about the Israeli Army

Yahya was nervous that his fellow soldiers would treat him differently. He feared that they may not want to serve side by side with a Muslim soldier.

But he was wrong. He was treated with the utmost respect.

And that is what the entire world needs to know: Israel treats everyone with respect. Israel is not an oppressor. Listen to it from a Muslim himself who decided to serve his country.

Other Muslims who Defend Israel

Yahya Mahamid is not the only one who chose a path that is least expected.

Mohammad Kabiya also chose to serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

It is amazing to see that there ARE indeed Muslim Arabs who support Israel and everything it stands for – even though it is not publicly said by many.

Maybe the world should open its eyes and see the truth about Israel.

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