Israeli Ambassador to the US Defends President Trump on MSNBC

by Avi Abelow

Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer tells MSNBC anchor Ayman Mohyeldin, “no world leader had made stronger statements against anti-Semitism than President Trump.”

Trump is NOT an Anti-semite

The MSNBC anchor tried to portray President Trump as someone who supports anti-semites. This mindset is what many have chosen to spread after the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre.

It is absolutely ludicrous to think that President Trump, whose own daughter and grandchildren are Jewish, would support anti-semites. In addition to that, President Trump is perhaps the most pro-Israel President ever.

Ambassador Dermer is 100% correct.  He points out that antisemitism exists on both sides of the aisle. Those who just focus on antisemitism on the right ignore the viral antisemitism on the left.  Louis Farrakhan and many on US college campuses today are just as anti-semitic as anti-semites on the right.

The media conveniently forgets that over 7,000 antisemitic incidents took place during the Obama presidency. It just wasn’t convenient to report on them back then. But now they blame the attacks on President Trump.

One does not have to love or even like President Trump. But people should at least have the intellectual honesty to admit that he is not an anti-semite.

Dermer Interview

Ambassador Ron Dermer on MSNBC: “I saw what President Trump said yesterday at a rally in Illinois. I’m not aware of a single non-Israeli leader that has made such a strong statement in condemning anti-Semitism.  Meaning, he said to those who seek to destroy the Jewish people, we will destroy them. I have never heard a non-Israeli leader say that and we appreciated that… The difference in this president is that he has Jews in his family. So, I think there’s no question in my mind that he wants to confront the anti-Semites.”

“I think the problem is that when people attribute anti-Semitism to one side of the political debate, they make a very big mistake… One of the big forces on college campuses today is anti-Semitism. And those anti-Semites are usually not neo-Nazis, on college campuses. They’re coming from the radical left. We have to stand against anti-Semitism whether it comes from the right or whether it comes from the left.”

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