“All Jews Must Die”? – US Mayor Responds to the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre

by Avi Abelow

Gabe Groisman is the Mayor of Bal Harbour, Florida. Hearing that the murderer shouted “All Jews must die”, Mayor Groisman responds with a powerful message that should be heard by all.

My Personal Message to all Jews

A critically important message for all Jews, in the aftermath of the Pittsburgh massacre.

The murderer did not target Jews because they are white. He did not target Jews because they are conservative or because they are liberal. He targeted them because they are Jews.  That’s exactly what he said himself during the act of his despicable massacre.  He said, “All Jews must die.”  That is exactly how our haters think. That is the basis of antisemitism. It is not rational and has nothing to do with our color, our values or our beliefs. Antisemitism is simple – “All Jews must die.”  The question is, will Jews wake up and realize that we should stop disengaging from one another and instead unify based on our one true identity – that we are Jews.

We are Jews. We are NOT White

American Jews, you are NOT white. You are JEWS!!! Own your Jewish identity. Learn about it and be proud Jews!!!

Believe it or not, a message I give over to youth and college kids today is to understand that they are not white. Jews are Jews. We come in all colors, which means we should not identify as white.

We should realize that our true identity is Jews, whether we are from the USA, Britain, France, Puerto Rico, Ethiopia, Syria, India etc. Part of the problem with so many youth disconnecting from their Jewish community and traditions, is exactly because they don’t own their Jewish identity. Instead they run away from it and prefer to be “white”.

True Identity

Yet, when it comes down to it, we are always looked at as Jews, regardless of how religious we are, or what our political beliefs are.

There are plenty of similarities between Jews and whites, Jews and blacks, Jews and every type of identity out there.

But bottom line, we must all return to understanding that our true identity is not white, or any other color, rather we are Jews, one of the most ancient peoples still alive today as a people.

We are one of the only peoples in the world that still speaks the same language, practices the same cultural traditions, lives in the same ancestral homeland, that our ancestors did 3,000+ years ago!

We have so much to be proud of with our Jewish identity. And I truly believe we are the most inspiring story of the 21st century!!!

Connect with our Heritage

Yet most educational institutions, whether day schools, high schools, camps, Hillel organizations on campuses etc. do not educate us to be proud of our story! It is all given across as dry information. Kids don’t internalize it and don’t connect with. Birthright trips to Israel do NOT include visiting most of the places that would connect them with their heritage. They hardly open up a Bible (their historical document!) and connect with the places where their ancestors stood! That is powerful. Much more powerful than just visiting Israel to have fun on the beaches and visit hi-tech start-up companies.

The youth are running away from their Jewish identity and running away from a connection with their homeland Israel, instead of embracing it all and feeling proud of it all.

It all goes back to owning their Jewish identity and learning about what it really means.

Praying for the Jewish people and for all of humanity.

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