What Israel is doing to improve thousands of years of agriculture

by Leah Rosenberg

Although farming has been around since the beginning of time, Israel has innovative farming technology that is improving agriculture!

Israel’s Farming Technology

Israel has bettered the agricultural industry with its farming technology. When you take a look at these seven developments, you’ll be blown away. Israel has bettered the world in so many areas.

What is so unbelievable is that if you know about the land of Israel at all, you’ll know that it is not naturally good for agriculture. In fact, more than half of Israel is desert land. On top of that, Israel’s lack of water resources and climate are not conducive for farming. But that did not stop Israelis from developing ways to make Israel into an agricultural success.

Why Would Anyone Boycott This?

After learning about all that the Jewish state has contributed, why would anyone choose to boycott it? This video is only about agriculture, and look at how much Israel has contributed in just that area.

Then take a look at everything else Israel has contributed to the world. Does it even make sense to boycott a state that has given so much good to the world? It seems absurd, because it is. It is irrational. Who would deliberately choose NOT to benefit from Israel’s technologies and inventions?

Arab Incitement
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