Ben Shapiro reveals a disturbing myth about radical Islam

by Leah Rosenberg

It is very common for many people to think that very few Muslims have beliefs that would be categorized as radical Islam.  This – Ben Shapiro asserts – is wishful thinking, and has no connection to fact.  Ben asks what percentage of the Muslims believe that Shariah Law should dominate the world.  The answer in nearly every country is consistently way above 50%.

ISIS Supporters

Ben takes it up another level and explains that on average, 20-30% of the Arabs in various countries actually support ISIS.  This is perhaps the most frightening of all stats.  This is based on a Pew Research Center poll.  What this means is that there are tens of millions of Muslims in the world who support a complete takeover of the Western world by radical Muslim elements. ISIS is not a small and insignificant fringe group.  They are a major movement that may one day take over a significant country or big swath of land in the Middle East.  From there, they could threaten much of the Western world.

Moderate Muslims

Let’s be fair.  There are indeed tens of millions of moderate Muslims in the world across all of the continents too.  The question is which side of the Muslim faith will dominate.  These days, the trend looks negative.  But, perhaps the trend can be changed.  Perhaps the Western ways of life will prevail?  Probably not.  There are major forces within the Muslim faith that will hopefully moderate their calls for Shariah Law as a way of life to impose on the world.  Otherwise, it will be a battle to see who has more power.

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