The Liberals who are protesting for a Communist America

by Leah Rosenberg

Liberals are supposed to stand for liberal ideals.  That should mean that they should champion things like free speech, women’s rights, and minority rights.  But there is one group that is facing an onslaught of attacks by so-called liberals.  That group is the non-liberals.  Today, many people who claim to be liberal act in a most illiberal fashion.

Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro is just one of many voices on the right who have become popular in recent years.  However, he does a few things that get under the skin of many liberals.  One of them is that he delegitimizes the feelings of people when they contradict facts. That is considered a low blow by many liberals because it hits them at their weak point – feelings over facts.

Ben is not a by-the-book conservative.  He openly did not endorse President Trump in the presidential election.  He deals with issues one by one and sometimes ends up on surprising sides of arguments.  But he never lets his feelings overcome the facts.  That is a good thing.  Feelings can be illegitimate if they have no connection to reality.  We need that kind of a fact check in our over-feeling world.

Open-Mindedness is Not In Style

Many people today – both on the right and the left have become accustomed to knee-jerk predictable reactions.  This is not a positive trend.  We need to get back to the basics of issue-based decision making.  Groupthink is a negative trend.  We all need to make a clarion call to work towards a more open-minded culture.  A culture that applauds differences and does not squash opposition.  A norm where disagreements are respectful and normal.  Protests against popular speakers that we disagree with should disappear.  We need to protest the rights of everyone to genuine free speech.  The only exception should be speech that directly calls for offensive violence.  Outside of that, let the debates flourish and the lets keep the battle of ideas  going between opposing ideologies.  It enhances our culture.




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