“Palestinian” mother’s pride as her kids pretend to shoot at Israeli soldiers on Temple Mount

by Leah Rosenberg

This is how “Palestinians” educate their children. Watch a mother’s smile as her children act violent toward Israeli soldiers on the Temple Mount.

Temple Mount

The Temple Mount is where the Jewish Temple stood thousands of years ago and where it will stand again. It is the holiest Jewish site. But the Muslims claim that it belongs to them.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has named multiple Jewish heritage sites as Muslim. Somehow, historical and biblical proof are not relevant. The United Nations does not seem to care about facts. They appease the Muslims in whatever way they can. The holiest Jewish site, the Temple Mount, has been labeled as Muslim. That is crazy!

Why do they make such absurd decisions that have no basis? Who are they trying to impress with giving in to false claims?

Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people. There is nothing else that needs to be said. It has been proved enough. No matter how much proof there is, UNESCO does not seem to care.

Educating Young “Palestinian” Children

How would you educate children? With guns and rocks? With the idea that it’s God’s will to murder? That is how many “Palestinians” educate their children. You can see in this video how happy this mother is to watch as her children aim toy guns at Israeli soldiers walking by on the Temple Mount. She even laughs and records it with pride!

For all those organizations that care about children, they should care about this. The next generation of “Palestinian” children is not looking too bright. If this continues, things will only get worse.

How can there be peace when many “Palestinians” do not teach their children about peace and love? All they teach them is about war, blood, and hate.

When will that change? Do they even want it to change?


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