UNESCO Names Historic Jewish Holy Site ‘Rachel’s Tomb’ a Muslim Site

by Avi Abelow

The United Nations cultural arm UNESCO declared that Rachel’s Tomb, the burial place of Jacob’s wife & mother to Joseph & Benjamin, is a Muslim site with no connection to the Jewish people. This is a travesty of Biblical proportions. Anyone who reads the Bible knows that Biblical Rachel is the mother of two of the twelve Tribes of Jacob. She is one of the matriarchs of the Jewish people. Rachel lived and died thousands of years before Mohammad invented Islam and introduced it to the world. This decision by UNESCO is a disgrace.  It is a travesty to all those who look upon the United Nations and UNESCO to safeguard historical truth.

Muslim Lies Over Truth

UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Yet, this decision is clear proof that the United Nations is no longer about educating truth or respecting culture either.  At least not when the Muslims can rewrite a false narrative.

To claim that a historic Jewish holy site is Muslim, and not connected to the Jewish people is the height of intellectual dishonesty. This follows UNESCO’s earlier decisions that also establish the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron as Muslim sites, disconnected from the Jewish people.

King Herod the Builder

Both the Temple Mount and the Cave of the Patriarchs were structures built by Jews. It was the Jewish King Herod that built both those structures when he ruled back in the 1st century. He built the Temple Mount in the year 19. This is more than 600 years before Mohammad introduced Islam to the world. The Muslims later built Mosques on top of these two Jewish holy sites after they conquered the land. How can the world accept the false narrative that the Muslim conquerors who build their Mosques on top of our Jewish holy sites have ownership of our sites?

The Romans failed when they tried to erase the Jewish connection to the land of Judea/Israel.  So too the Muslims will fail when they try to hijack our holy sites from us. The Jewish people read about these holy places in the Bible year after year. Our Jewish identity is tied to these holy places. No international politics nor appeasement of Muslim countries will disconnect the Jewish people from our holy sites.

It’s all about religion

The world, including most of world Jewry, don’t seem to understand that the Jews are being killed in Israel because of Rachel’s tomb. The Muslims are killing us over a religious conflict. They are killing us because Islam is about dominating over all other religions. Islam taking away our holy sites and erasing the connection between the Jewish people and our homeland is what our conflict is all about. The ‘two-state solution’ will not solve our conflict because that solves a mistaken diagnosis that our conflict is about land.

Bethlehem – NOT a Muslim City

The world also tries to say that Bethlehem is a Muslim city with no connection to the Jewish people. Rachel’s tomb is in the Bible. Jews used to live and travel there. King David’s grandparents lived in Bethlehem. The Bible is very clear about that. Here is Rachel’s Tomb in 1935.

Israeli Representative Epic Take-down of UNESCO

His final line says it all!

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