Israeli Knesset member uses Bible to prove “Palestinian’s” fake history

by Phil Schneider

The narrative which Arabs and Anti-Israel activists like to repeat is completely based on fake history.
The Bible has been and always will be the best proof that the Jewish people are the indigenous people in the Land of Israel.

3,000+ Years Old

The Bible is the oldest book that – everybody of all religions agrees – dates back thousands of years.  There are even fragments of 2,000+ year-old Bibles in the Israel Museum of Jerusalem.  That means that there is perfect proof that the Bible pre-dates the Muslim religion by at least 500-600 years.  In truth, the Bible goes back way before that.

Moses and Abraham

The Jewish people received the Bible from G-d, via Moses at Mt. Sinai.  This was around 3,500 years ago.  In the Bible, the story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in all it’s detail, plays out.  When Sarah passed away, Abraham went and purchased – with money – the plot of Land and the field around it in Hebron.  That is the source of the very first purchase of land in the Land of Israel by the Jewish people.  This happened around 3,750 years ago.  So, even though G-d “gave” the Land of Israel to the Jewish people, the Jewish people also purchased it – with cash.

Jacob and David

Around 100 years onward, Jacob purchased the area in Israel called Shechem or modern-day Nablus.  He also paid with cash.  Another few hundred years later, King David purchased the area to build the Temple in Jerusalem from the Jebusites.  So, the claim of the Jewish people is both based on God’s decision to grant the Land to the Chosen People.  But it is also based on the age-old purchases of our forefathers in the Promised Land.

Tzipi Hotovely also serves today as the Assistant Foreign Minister of the State of Israel.  Benjamin Netanyahu is the Foreign Minister (in addition to serving as the Prime Minister.).  She has chosen the exact path to prove to the world who has the real ownership and indigenous rights to the Land of Israel.  Ben-Gurion spoke about the Bible as our claim to the Land.  She is correct in continuing his path to strengthen our claim.  Any other claim is fake, recent, and insignificant.


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