The ties between Amazon and Islamic extremism will leave you speechless

by Leah Rosenberg

Does Amazon have ties to radical Muslim charities? Unfortunately, there is some evidence in this regard. Is there an ideological inclination within Amazon towards radical ideologies?

Jeff Bezos

The founder and CEO of Amazon is Jeff Bezos.  He started the company back in 1995.  He is according to most reports, the wealthiest man in the world.  In addition, he is also the wealthiest man in the history of the world. For years, there were many doubters who questioned whether or not Amazon would succeed.  Every year, the company went into more and more debt.  Meanwhile, his stock prices kept getting higher and higher.  He proved almost all of his doubters wrong.  Today, he presides over an empire of more than 600,000 employees.  Amazon is not just a major force to be reckoned with.  They are here to stay and have enormous power.

Bezos Philanthropy

Jeff Bezos established himself recently as a supporter of Freedom of the Press.  He donated 1 million dollars to the cause.  He also explained that he prefers to donate in order to change “systemic inequalities rather than outright charity.”  

The main interests in philanthropy that Bezos’ has are: health care, education, workplace rights, and environmentalism.

So, therefore it comes as a surprise that a radical Muslim charity could get on an Amazon list.

Odds are that this trend will not continue.  Bezos seems to care much more about non-standard things.  This will probably spread to his philanthropy side also.


Dr. Kedar on Afghanistan
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