The Columbia student who had enough of the anti-Israel bias on campus

by Phil Schneider

On campuses across America, the anti-Israel bias is not an exception – it is the rule. This should not be treated like a minor issue. It is a major issue.

Progressive – In, Non-Progressive – Out

One of the reasons why it is so hard to be pro-Israel on nearly any campus today is because progressive thought is in style.  This is something that evolved over the last few decades.  But, it is now much more dominant than it was in the 80’s and 90’s when many of the professors on campuses today studies.  How did this happen?  It is unclear to me what led to this.  Was it a backlash to the Iraq War?  Was it the natural progression of liberal academia to a more extreme liberal angle – progressive thought?  Whatever the root cause, it is definitely the dominant opinion on campus today.  What needs to be created is a “in-style” alternative.  It may not be conservative thinking or populist thinking, or libertarian thinking.  It may be a mix of two or three of these.  But, a name needs to become “cool” that students associate with.

Ben Shapiro

Rudy Rochman definitely seems to have the understanding and the spirit to push forward a positive narrative about Israel.  But, I think that the idea needs to be more broad then Israel.  On campuses across America, Israel support ought to be one of many important causes that students advance along with other anti-Progressive mantras.  This may not seem “cool,” but I think the most important word should be – truth.  That’s right.  The truth.  That is the main issue with the progressive movement.  It is so permeated with lies, that many students have no clue that most of their opinions have no solid basis.  Ben Shapiro is a ray of light on college campuses.   He is sharp as a blade.  But his main weapon is not rhetoric.  It is the truth.  I suggest that students not focus on the “lies” of progressives, but on the truth in their arguments.

It is much more “cool” to be for something than against.  Hopefully, a truth-based movement will look more happy and cool and attract students better than an angry-at-the-world and Israel movement.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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