Ben Shapiro perfectly explains the historic Middle East peace deal

by Leah Rosenberg

The new Middle East peace deal is good. It is that simple. The people who are against it are against peace. Here is everything you need to know.

Ben Shapiro Breaks Down Trump’s Middle East Peace Deal

Here’s everything you need to know about Trump’s historical Middle East peace deal.

Posted by Ben Shapiro on Friday, August 14, 2020

Middle East Peace Deal

This Middle East peace deal can potentially lead to a complete turn-around in the region. Arab countries are beginning to normalize relations with Israel. Things that never seemed possible are beginning to seem possible.

Of course, no human knows exactly how everything will play out. But there is definitely a reason to feel hopeful about peace in the region. The future is looking bright.

Shocking: “Palestinians” Are Angry

How surprising! The “Palestinians” are not happy that Arabs are making peace with Israel.

And what does that show? That they do not want peace. They do not care about peace. They only care about destroying Israel. And the less that the Arab world supports them, the farther away they are from their goal.

The “Palestinians” want you to think that this deal is bad. And if the “Palestinians” claim it’s bad, the far Left will follow suit. Because the far Left believes “Palestinians” are poor victims. They are only victims of their own terrorist leadership.

Breaking the Chains

The Arab world is starting to break the chains of serving the “Palestinians.” They are starting to say enough. Enough of the terrorism. The Arab world is waking up. They want to normalize ties with Israel. 

All the “Palestinian” leadership has done is destroy. They have created nothing but a culture of terrorism. Some Arabs want to have a better life than that, and having a peace treaty with Israel only improves things in the Middle East. 

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