El-Al Flight to UAE Takes Off From Israel, Shattering Previous Peace Paradigm

by Micha Gefen

Big events keep happening in the Middle East with the maiden commercial flight from Israel to the UAE taking off today.

President Trump’s son-in law and advisor Jared Kushner flew to Israel and boarded an El-Al flight along with the head of Israel National Security Council to meet with UAE leaders.

The breakthrough deal is shifting ground in the Middle East in a variety of ways. The UAE will benefit from advanced agri-tech coming out of Israel with the hope of transforming their deserts into farmland. The UAE will also benefit from luring US defense technology into their hands.

Israel will now have an alternative route to Turkish oil and beyond that their planes will be in easy reach of Iran.

This deal opens on the backdrop of increased attacks by Hamas into Southern Israel and Hezbollah’s stepped up threats in the North.

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