CNN finally admits there are violent riots – here’s the sick reason why

by Phil Schneider

CNN has not recently become a lying organization. It has indeed been lying in the way it reports for decades. This video which ridicules CNN’s coverage of the riots is spot-on. CNN thought that the havoc that the riots brought would bring down President Trump in the November election. But, it actually boomeranged. The suburbs are filled with people who can go Democrat or Republican or stay home. But if the riots continue, the suburbs will not vote Democrat. The message is truly sticking because it is true. If the Democrats win in 2020, then what is going on in Chicago, Wisconsin, and Portland is indeed coming to your suburb.

A fierce critic of President Trump is former National Security Advisor, John Bolton. He was asked if President Trump has a problem with focus. He claimed that he found that on everything regarding reelection, he found that President Trump was completely focused. Bolton meant this as a backhanded compliment. But it is also true, and it is the reason why President Trump may very well get reelected. He knows how to stay on message and stay focused – despite the fact that he often goes off on a rambling diatribe. It’s like a disciplined boxer who sometimes does things like a rope-a-dope in order to see how tired his opponent really is. It seems like a strategy of weakness, but a good boxer is indeed focused and knows when to hold back and when to deliver a stiff uppercut.

Joe Biden may have been a more capable candidate four or more years ago when he would have been able to stand up clearly for principles that would have endeared him to wavering voters. But now he is indeed a shell of his former self, and it is clear that his handlers are way too radical and progressive to be in touch with suburban American values such as law and order. CNN and other radical progressives plan to encourage anarchy in order to destroy Donald Trump seems to be falling flat.

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