Bari Weiss Reveals Why So Many Liberal Jews Became Conservative After Oct. 7

by Phil Schneider

October 7th for the Jewish people in Israel and all over the world is as significant as 9/11 was for the entire United States of America. It is an inflection point wherein nearly everything underwent a transformation. Everything. Not everybody is aware of it. But, the relationship between Jews and Arabs in Israel will never be the same. The relationship between Jews and non-Jews in countries all over the world will never be the same. And, most of all, the relationship between Jews and the Land of Israel will never be the same.  

Bari Weiss focuses on one very interesting facet of this transformation. She focuses on the aspect of liberal Jews discovering once and for all that their so-called liberal cohorts were actually not very liberal at all when it came to their attitudes towards the State of Israel. The “liberals” became blind to the massive rape of Jewish women and beheading of Jewish babies and were only able to see one thing – the trampling of the rights of the so-called “Palestinians.” This massive blind spot is called racism. It is called antisemitism. 

The ability to understand and identify with calls for Israel to stop committing genocide while supporting those who commit genocide against Jews require a truly twisted world view. That is the reality of the far-left progressives today. Liberalism has literally fallen off the deep end into an abyss of antisemitism.

But the most important aspect of what is changing today is the newfound realization of so many Jews who live in the Diaspora that their connection with the State of Israel is much more an absolute necessity than they may have thought in the past. There is a very real chance that many can foresee that their neighborhoods may become untenable. Life in America for the Jewish people is fast becoming like life in much of Europe. You can live there, but the Muslim and pro-Muslim minority who garner wide support from progressives has been making it more and more unenjoyable, illiberal and downright dangerous. Most Jews will not pick up and move to Israel, but many who are able to will purchase a home in order to have an option to jump to if necessary. The times are changing very quickly right in front of our eyes.

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Gershompesach January 21, 2024 - 4:10 pm

Moma used 2 say—Don’t worry if U forget U R a Jew…
A goy will remind U!

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