Watch: Incredible Footage in Prayer for the IDF Featuring Benny Gantz

by Leah Rosenberg

This is a really meaningful version of the well-known prayer for the IDF. The way this song was put together with the footage is perfect.

Prayer for the IDF

Many people know the prayer for the IDF. Even if they don’t know every word, they will recognize the tune that is often sung.

In this video, you have Cantor Netanel Hershtik, the famous Jewish acapella band the Maccabeats, children from Jewish schools outside of Israel, and War Cabinet Minster, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz. It’s meaningful to hear all the different types of voices praying to G-d for the Israeli army to be successful.

And the footage is incredible. Seeing our soldiers putting their lives on the line for the Jewish people and doing so with a sense of purpose, meaning, and joy. Seeing the volunteer work by people throughout Israel and throughout the world. The Jewish people are a team. And on a team, everyone has different roles and plays a different part. While the soldiers fight to defend us physically, we need to support them in every way possible. We need to pray for them and follow G-d’s commandments. G-d sees our acts of kindness that we are doing for our soldiers and each other. All of these pieces play a critical role in helping the Jewish people defeat their enemies. The more our soldiers fight, the more we need to pray, give, love, connect, and unite. The most comforting thing is that G-d, the Creator of the world, is protecting the Jewish nation.

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