Andrew Klavan destroys the left for what they did to Trump

by Leah Rosenberg

It is really enough. The way the Left treats President Trump is unacceptable. They do not have to agree with his policies, but they must stop attacking him.

Klavan Calls Out the Left

Andrew Klavan addresses the issues of how the Left has treated President Trump and his administration. The Left and the media have tried time and time again to bring them down. Whether or not you agree with Trump and his policies, what people have done is just un-American. Disagreeing with the President is allowed. Trying to bring him down and prevent him from getting reelected based off of lies is just crossing the line.

There are many examples of times they have tried to carry out their agenda. But recently, they tried to blame Trump for the Coronavirus. It almost sounds humorous. They are trying to blame the American deaths from COVID-19 on the President of the United States as if he personally killed those infected with the disease. It is disrespectful to those who have passed and to the families grieving. How dare they!

Twisting the story and trying to frame the president and his administration is just wrong. It is immoral. It shows that the Left cares more about overthrowing Trump than they do about America itself.

And What About Michael Flynn?

As Klavan points out, the Left tried to frame Michael Flynn. He is a hero. But because the FBI director James Comey believed that President Trump was colluding with Russia, he went after Flynn. Again, that is just a perfect example of how to disrespect a heroic combat general and the President of the United States. It is wrong, and Comey should be ashamed of himself.

Where were all these “justice” seekers when Barak Obama was actually acting immorally and putting America in harms’ way? Why didn’t they try to overthrow him and reveal the truth? Because they aren’t after the truth. They are after their own agenda. It seems that people like Obama can’t do any wrong, and people like Trump can do only wrong, even if he has done good for America as well.

When will so-called Americans start putting America first?

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