Andrew Klavan breaks down the Left’s hysteria in under 5 minutes

by Gavriel Dan

Andrew Klavan is asked by an audience member, “Where did we take a wrong step in creating this environment where people with such conflicting views couldn’t be friends anymore?” Klavan answers and destroys the Left’s hysteria in under 5minutes.

“It really is a problem,” Klavan begins before answering the question in two phases. The first part of the answer, “The fall of the Soviet Union” is buttressed with an explanation that the Soviet Union, ” was the great leftist experiment – and it failed.”

Klavan then goes onto explain that the Left one on some import issues, like race and equality and yet once they one they had to keep finding things to fight about in order to stay relevant and important.

Ultimately, the Left really does not have a raison d’etre at this point. Without a reason to exist Leftists have attempted to create new issues. Gay rights, transgender rights, climate change, reparations, Palestinian statehood, and more have become crusades for the Left.

When compared to conservative principles, the Left only has one recourse in order to push back on the Right – they want them to shut up. This is exactly the point Andrew Klavan makes when answering the question.

At the end of the day when a society cannot produce a climate where two people who do not share similar beliefs can find ground to be friends, the society stands the chance of collapse. This is what the Left truly wants – a society of chaos.

This is what makes Andrew Klavan’s response to the Left’s hysteria so important. It calls it out from its root.

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