Ilhan Omar won’t be reelected because she violated Islamic law

by Leah Rosenberg

Well, America, Ilhan Omar has really dug herself into a deep, deep hole. And it might actually cost her this time. Violating Islamic law was a bad move…

Violating Islamic Law

Ilhan Omar has made headline after headline. The investigations against her. The tax fraud, marriage fraud, and immigration fraud. The antisemitism. And we cannot forget about her links to terrorist organizations. But none of that bothered her Muslim constituents and supporters. Her Somali supporters didn’t seem to mind.

But then something happened. Ilhan Omar committed adultery, one of the worst crimes in Islamic Law. And that could cost her reelection. Her religious Muslim followers will not support someone who violates Islamic Law!

It is Time for Omar to be Out

It is about time that people from all walks of life stop supporting Ilhan Omar. Not only is she an antisemite, and not only is she anti-American, but apparently she has now shown that she is against her own faith and culture. She has shown that she cannot even respect the law of her own people. Omar cheated on her own husband. It is against the law in many culture and faiths. It is just morally wrong.

If people are still willing to support Ilhan Omar after everything she has said and done AND after committing adultery, they need to do some major soul searching.

Arab Incitement
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