Brainwashed to become a Jihadi wife, former Muslim extremist shares her story

by Leah Rosenberg

It is always fascinating to hear a story about a former Muslim extremist. But Tania Joya’s story is definitely one of the most interesting.

The Former Muslim Extremist

Tania Joya is a former Muslim extremist. She wanted to fight for Jihad. She wanted her children to not be afraid to murder and be murdered. That was the life she was attracted to; that was the life she chose.

But she managed to see the beauty in choosing real life and not death. Tania wanted her children to live, not to die as Jihadis. And so she changed it all; everything she thought she believed in.

The Terrifying Truth

The terrifying truth is that so many young men and women are brainwashed into believing what Tania believed. She was young when she was radicalized. AND she was living in England! It is a frightening thought to realize that people like Tania, living in Western countries, are being radicalized. They are being indoctrinated. How can anyone believe that murder and violence is what God wants? How can anyone fall for the life of a Jihadi and believe that it is paradise? The scary reality is that so many DO fall for it. So many young minds – Muslims and non-Muslims alike – get influenced by the wrong ideas. Their minds get poisoned.

Tania’s story is unique because she managed to escape the corruption. She managed to leave the ungodly life she was living. But so many people do not manage to get out. And that should panic the entire Western World.

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