IDF Strikes Over 100 Gaza Terror Targets in Response to Friday Night Gaza Rockets

by Avi Abelow

Gaza terrorists shot 11 rockets into Israel on Friday night that miraculously didn’t inflict any injuries on Israelis besides a 65 year old woman getting hurt falling when running to the safe room.

In response, the IDF retaliated against Gaza terror targets.

IDF Tweet:

“In response to rockets fired at Israel, we struck Hamas terror targets in Gaza including: naval force & training compounds, compound with anti-missile simulator, weapon manufacturing & storage sites and underground infrastructures.

Terror targets civilians. We target terror.”

Here is the timeline of Friday night’s events:

9:30 Israel tanks begin hitting Hamas positions along the border

9:35 a molotov cocktail was thrown at an Israeli police car in Isawaya, East Jerusalem

9:42 Three more rockets into Israel… Direct hit to a house in Sderot, no injuries reported, the family was inside the bomb shelter, damage to the house and cars

In total 11 rockets were fired into Israel, 7 were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome anti-Missile system, with one hitting an Israeli house but not injuring anybody.

1:17am the IAF began retaliating against Hamas positions in Gaza… Israel’s reposnse is harsher than recently hitting many locations across Gaza

1:59 rocket alerts in Israel, caused by anti aircraft fire from Gaza

Gaza reports that a house was hit and 3 Gazans were badly injured, all from the same family…. 1 of the injured died Saturday early morning

2:20am the IAF starts the second wave of attacks across Gaza

Over 100 Hamas targets were hit

Tensions for a Hamas response is very high

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