A frightening look inside a children’s camp in Turkey

by Avi Abelow

You may have seen what happens inside a children’s camp in Gaza. But take a look at what Muslim children are chanting in camp in Turkey!

Children’s Camp in Turkey

Children throughout the Muslim world are being deprived of a proper camp experience. In this video, a children’s camp in Turkey taught the kids to chant, “Death to Jews! Palestine Will Be Saved!” What happened to teaching children a proper education? Manners? Teamwork? Love? Acceptance? That is sadly lacking in many areas throughout the Muslim world.

Yes, we have seen this and worse take place in Gaza summer camps. But Turkey? They were actually the first Muslim majority country to recognize Israel as a state! How things have changed…

The Difference in the Western World

In the Western World, summer camps are quite different. They do not teach children to hate and chant for the death of ANY country. But Muslim children are being educated with such horrific messages that it is impossible to create a peaceful world. Generation after generation, children are learning the messages of hate and war; violence and murder. This is not something new. But it IS something that needs to change in the education for Muslim children. Whether it be in Gaza or Turkey, children are not being taught to love and hope for peace. They are being taught the complete opposite – even at young ages. And it needs to be stopped before the next generation of radical Muslims turns into something even worse than this generation.

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