90 seconds that will change your entire perspective on Hamas

by Leah Rosenberg

When will there be peace with the Arabs? Definitely not when they still want their children to become suicide bombers, that’s for sure.

Peace with the Arabs

Israelis want to have peace with the Arabs. They do not want to fight. They do not want their children going out to war. But you can hear in this video from those who support Hamas and terrorism. The Israeli went around asking the Arabs questions. The answers showed what they feel about peace. And the truth is sad. These Arabs do not want peace. They are happy to send their children off to die. They do not recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Can it Ever Change?

There are those who believe and hope that the Arab Hamas supporters will one day change and offer a hand in peace. But years of indoctrination will not just disappear overnight. If parents and educators continue to preach the way they do, then children will not think otherwise. If parents teach their children untruthfully that God wants them to become suicide bombers, then how can peace come?

We can all be hopeful that peace will come one day. But it definitely cannot come with the way things are now. There have to be major changes. It is sad listening to these Hamas supporters speak here. You can see how much hate exists among that population. One supporter even says at the end: “We will never recognize Israel.” So, maybe things can change, but not until that statement is no longer such a strong part of their identity.

High Holidays

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