A MUST HEAR: What Trump and French president say about Iran

by Phil Schneider

President Trump has been controversial on nearly every issue. He has been anything but a uniting President. However, vis-a-vis Iran, there should be one opinion – one of thanks to President Trump. The Iranian regime is teetering. This isn’t being talked about that much, but it is happening. It is due to sustained economic pressure by the Trump administration – a complete reversal of the Obama policies that basically appeased the Iranian leadership in hopes that it would lead to a more peaceful result. Appeasement didn’t work in the 1930’s and it won’t work now either. It almost never works. It is just a policy of kicking the can down the road towards an inevitable tragic outcome.

Reagenesque Leadership

Even though the economic policies of the Trump administration have also been controversial, few thought that Donald Trump was not capable on the economic level. In that realm, he has more than 50 years of experience – including dealings with major foreign governments. So, it didn’t come as a major surprise that he was comfortable with the idea of applying economic pressure on a national level.

This is what Ronald Reagan did with the “Evil Empire” – the Soviet Union. The plan to tackle the threat of spreading Communism via the Soviet Union and it’s satellites was not simple. The idea to contain the spread via military support and battle in Korea and Vietnam was too costly. So, the idea of bringing economic pressure to bear on Mother Russia was much more effective. Ronald Reagan did not begin this. He took it up to another level that effectively neutralized the ability of Communism to spread. Then, a year or so after he left office, the entire Soviet Union collapsed.

The same basic strategy is being followed today by President Trump versus Iran. There is good reason to assume that Iran will crumble – if not now, then in a few years – and it will be due to the policies of the Trump administration. Appeasement should nearly always be replaced by economic pressure.

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